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2402 Evergreen Street
Huntsville, Alabama 35801

I   have   experienced   a   wide   variety   of   architectural themes,   but   my   favorite   will   always   be   that   of   the classical charm and warmth of the South.  And I mean the Old   South   as   well   as   the   shades   of   that   Era   that   are expressed in the designs of today.  I am especially drawn to   the   elegance   and   unassuming   medium-sized   houses suitable for young couples and those on a limited budget. I would enjoy sitting   with   you   for  a  pro bono  informal discussion of your daydreams and thoughts of plans lying in the offing. Let’s get together for a sit-down.   I will accommodate to your schedule. Give me a call.

Click on the images below to see imagery and drawings that further describe each residential design.

Turner PS adjusted.jpg
ps adjusted.jpg
PS adjusted image.jpg
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